posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 13th May 2008 14:21 UTC
IconThe Fedora Project has pushed out its 9th release. The release announcement is one of those fancy story ones, without much actual information, but an earlier email by Fedora project leader Paul Frields had some more interesting things to say.

Frields writes to the fedora-announce list:

It's been less than five years since the first release of Fedora (back when it was called Fedora Core), and in that time Fedora has become not just a vibrant, innovative, and extremely popular Linux distribution, but also a thriving community. A community that believes that free and open source software is not just something you *use*, it's something you *do* - something to which you *contribute*.

Fedora 9 comes with GNOME 2.22, KDE 4.0.3, Xfce 4.2.2, PackageKit, Firefox 3.0 beta 5, a 2.6.25-based Linux kernel, and much more.

DistroWatch already took a look at the KDE variant of Fedora 9 - it only ships with KDE 4, KDE 3.x is no longer included. They concluded:

If you are Fedora KDE user and expect some sort of a recommendation whether to upgrade to Fedora 9 or stay with Fedora 8, I would (somewhat reluctantly) say "go for the upgrade". Expect some major functionality loss, however, especially if you do a lot of file management in Konqueror, and you'll also get fewer options for configuring some of the important areas of KDE, including the desktop itself and the KDE panel. What you do get in exchange is much increased speed, a potentially more functional desktop with sexy widgets, and a faster Firefox.

You can download Fedora 9 from the project's download page.

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