posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 1st Dec 2008 14:07 UTC, submitted by Ian Dumych
IconThere are lots of interesting desktop environments for X, other than the big two three GNOME, KDE, and Xfce. One of those is Etoile, a highly modular and leightweight environment based on GNUstep. Etoile is entirely project and document based, which means that you focus on your documents, and not on applications. Earlier this month - and we missed it, my apologies - the project released version 0.4.0.

They're very clear about the intended audience of this 0.4.0 release. "As a developer-focussed release, this predominantly consists of frameworks," they warn, "A few demonstration applications are also included. More will be added during the 0.4.x release series, leading to a user-focussed 0.5 release next year." Th frameworks are numerous, and best described by the team members themselves in the release announcement.

The release can be downloaded from their download page. More information about the various components that make up Etoile is also available.

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