posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 17th Mar 2009 21:01 UTC
IconThe Google Chrome team has pushed out the beta release of the Chrome 2.0 web browser release. In addition, they have also opened the beta update channel, so if you're running the beta you'll get continuous updates keeping you up to speed with Chrome 2.0's development tree. Apart from speed improvements, Chrome 2.0 delivers several other interesting new features.

The new Chrome 2.0 beta offers little in the form of interface updates; but let's be honest, the Chrome interface leaves little to be desired. There are, however, several improvements in browsing, a lot of them thanks to Chrome 2.0 packing the latest WebKit release. It brings features like form autofill (finally!), full page zoom, and autoscroll to the Chrome world. It also comes with a new side-by-side tab feature, which is best explained in this short YouTube demonstration:

This side-by-side feature doesn't actually work, though, on my installation of Chrome 2.0, but that might be because I'm running it on Windows 7. Google also claims speed improvements of 25-35% over previous Chrome releases, but a quick benchmark by BetaNews showed a 10% speed improvement over the previous stable release. This new release doesn't seem to pass the Acid3 test yet, though; the score goes up to 100, but it fails the linktest.

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