posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 15th Jun 2009 21:54 UTC
IconWe've been talking a lot about ARM-based netbooks, and when they're going to come. We've also been talking about Android on netbooks. Well, at Computex, analyst firm Gartner took a look at ARM netbooks running Android, compared them with Atom notebooks running Windows 7, and concluded that the interface on the former felt snappier.

Android is of course a phone operating system, but there are many efforts underway to get to work properly on devices with larger screens, such as netbooks. While Android works on Atom netbooks as well, it was mostly found on ARM devices at Computex, and Gartner concluded that not only did those perform faster than Windows 7/Atom netbooks, but Android is also backed by a strong brand, Google.

It's important to note that Android on these devices is still a while off, 3-to-4 quarters, Gartner states. Still, the few ARM netbooks that did work properly with Android showed a lot of promise. "When Android did work, we found that the user interface was very snappy on relatively low-performance ARM processors, more so than Windows 7 on Atom," Christian Heidarson and Ben Lee, analysts at Gartner, said.

ARM wasn't the only one making an appearance at Computex, though. Yes, Android has even been ported to MIPS. MIPS Techologies and Embedded Alley worked together on the port, and had MIPS devices at Computex to show off.

Together with NVIDIA's impressive Tegra platform, it seems like alternative platforms are poised to make a comeback - Windows or no. Exciting times ahead, that's for sure.

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