posted by Thom Holwerda on Sat 4th Jul 2009 00:40 UTC
IconNow this is interesting news that hit my inbox at 2:22 AM (don't ask). It seems like the concept of selling Mac clones is more lucrative than many have anticipated, as I've just been informed via email that the German PearC has expanded its business into the BeNeLux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) and France. Together with the news that Psystar emerged from chapter 11, it looks like the market for Mac clones is more lucrative than many of us had imagined.

PearC has been selling personal computers with Mac OS X pre-installed in Germany for a while now. The company is fully confident that German law allows them to do so, and apparently, the laws in Begium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and France aren't a problem either - according to PearC, of course.

At their website [Dutch | French] they state that they are certainly fans of Mac OS X, but that they're not fans of the hardware. "Hardware is often outdated, upgrade possibilities are limited, too few connection ports, still no eSata, etc.," they write, "And let's not even get started about gaming and the lack of modern graphic cards."

PearC offers quality and silent machines that run Mac OS X, they claim. They use Lian Li casing, and as anyone with a bit of insight will tell you, Lian Li produces some damn fine computer cases, and I must say that the machines PearC has on offer look pretty good - better than Psystar's, in any case.

Their store for French and BeNeLux customers is already operational. It seems like Apple is facing more and more competition from these clone makers, and with Europe being a legal patchwork, it will face an uphill battle if they're going to pursue the matter here.

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