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Icon"Today we welcome Oracle's donation of code that has previously been proprietary to the Apache Software Foundation, it is great to see key user features released in a form that can be included into LibreOffice."

Sep 28th 2010: OpenOffice Forked Into LibreOffice

We believe that the Foundation is a key step for the evolution of the free office suite, as it liberates the development of the code and the evolution of the project from the constraints represented by the commercial interests of a single company

Oct 6th 2010: One Week of LibreOffice: The Numbers

Chart of contributors to OpenOffice / LibreOffice weeks 37 to 42

Note that week 37 is OpenOffice and week 38 is LibreOffice

Oct 18th 2010: Oracle Wants LibreOffice Members to Leave OOo Council

Your role in the Document Foundation and LibreOffice makes your role as a representative in the OOo CC untenable and impossible. [I]t causes confusion, it is a plain conflict of interest, as TDF split from OOo

Nov 1st 2010: 33 Developers Leave OpenOffice

Oracle's official response to the announcement of The Document Foundation was clear – Oracle will continue as usual

Jan 24th 2011: Ubuntu Opts for LibreOffice Over Oracle's OpenOffice

The Document Foundation’s stewardship of LibreOffice provides Ubuntu developers an effective forum for collaboration around the code that makes Ubuntu an effective solution for the desktop in office environments. -- Mark Shuttleworth

Jan 25th 2011: The Document Foundation Launches LibreOffice 3.3

In less than four months, the number of developers hacking LibreOffice has grown from less than twenty in late September 2010, to well over one hundred today. This has allowed us to release ahead of the aggressive schedule set by the project.

Mar 6th 2011: LibreOffice Enterprise Support From Novell

LibreOffice is the successor to Novell Edition

April 18th 2011: Rock, Paper, Community: Oracle Gives up on OpenOffice

we believe the project would be best managed by an organization focused on serving that broad constituency on a non-commercial basis -- source

Jun 1st 2011: Statement about Oracle's move to donate assets to the Apache Foundation

The Document Foundation would welcome the reuniting of the and LibreOffice projects into a single community of equals in the wake of the departure of Oracle. The step Oracle has taken today was no doubt taken in good faith, but does not appear to directly achieve this goal. The Apache community, which we respect enormously, has very different expectations and norms - licensing, membership and more - to the existing and LibreOffice projects. We regret the missed opportunity but are committed to working with all active community members to devise the best possible future for LibreOffice and

I think that says it all. The professional term is "mismanagement".

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