posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 15th Dec 2015 23:34 UTC

The makers of MacKeeper - a much-maligned software utility many consider to be little more than scareware that targets Mac users - have acknowledged a breach that exposed the usernames, passwords and other information on more than 13 million customers and, er... Users. Perhaps more interestingly, the guy who found and reported the breach doesn't even own a Mac, and discovered the data trove merely by browsing Shodan - a specialized search engine that looks for and indexes virtually anything that gets connected to the Internet.

The most surprising news here is that apparently at least 13 million Mac users have this piece of scamware installed. You know, it's almost as if Mac users are not the special flower children some people would like us to believe, and are just as susceptible to social engineering and lapses in judgment as anyone else.

Who knew, right?

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