posted by Eugenia Loli on Tue 29th Apr 2003 03:25 UTC, submitted by Anonymous
IconWill Red Hat and SuSE be drawn into the SCO v. IBM fracas? In an informative interview SCO-Caldera's Chris Sontag tells's Mike Angelo there is SCO-owned code in Red Hat and SuSE Linux and no tainted code in the "Linux kernel that Linus [Torvalds] and others have helped develop."

SCO's Sontag discusses whether the Linux kernel, GNU/Linux operating system, Linux distributions, or Linux applications are involved in the alleged IBM misconduct, which Linux distributions are involved, and how they are involved. It appears that SCO-Caldera is laying the groundwork for copyright infringement claims against Red Hat and SuSE. The Caldera v IBM lawsuit is as much a fishing expedition as it is a serious claim for damages from IBM.

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