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"Geek Toys - Part II"
MP3 Player
Apple Ipod
Apple has created another masterpiece of design, the Apple iPod (more here). It's easy on the ears and the eyes. It's functionality and ease of use make it worth the price. The Apple iPod is not revolutionary or world changing, it just utilizes modern technology to create an excellent media player. The iPod is the first mp3 player to automatically syncs to your jukebox software (iTunes), has a 5 gig hard drive, and a firewire connection for extremely faster transfer of music files. It only takes 10 minutes to transfer 5 gigabytes of songs to the iPod a task that would take 5 hours on a USB connection. The iPods downfall is its lack of compatibility with windows and linux operating systems. Steve Jobs stated that the iPod will be made usable on Windows (and probably Linux) down the road, we just don't know when. With the iPod you can hold, as the commercials say, "a thousand songs in your pocket." Price: around $400 US at most retailers.

Computer Upgrade
HP DVD-Writer DVD100i drive
This new drive from HP can act as a CD-Rom drive, a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD+RW (more here). So you can play/run cds, record to CD's, Rerecord to CD-RW's, Record DVD's, and Record ReWritable DVD's. That's a lot of functionality for one drive. It burns at 2.4x (close to 3.2MB per second), which is faster than most DVD Writers out there. There isn't many DVD writers out there yet, especially at this price, and with this functionality. Included with the drive is Cyberlink PowerDVD, one of the most popular software DVD players on the market. Recommended system requirements: Pentium III, with 128 megabytes of RAM, Windows 98/NT or newer. Average Price: $500 US.

Hardcore Geek
PC60 All Aluminum Computer Case
This case (Lian Li's PC60 case) is for hardcore geeks. It's for people that want a nice looking case or are into modding their PC. This case is excellent for over clocking, and high end CPU's that produce a lot of heat because the aluminum case conducts heat out of the box 3 times faster than your standard steel case. This case can fit many different sizes of motherboards and won't be obsolete when you purchase a new computer; you just put your new computer into your PC60 case. The case has thumbscrews so it requires no tools for maintenance. The case comes with fans built in, and the front fans can operate at variable speeds (turn them down to reduce the noise level). The motherboard tray slides all the way out the back of the case for easy upgrades and repairs. There is an optional Window Kit available so you can check out the inside of your PC anytime. Price without the window kit: $194.99 US

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