posted by David Adams on Wed 17th Sep 2003 03:31 UTC
IconWe've been thinking of printing up some OSNews T-shirts. We're going to print up a whole batch of them, and we wanted to get some feedback on what they should look like. Would you be interested in buying a shirt? What would you like it to look like?

We want to encourage OSNews t-shirt wearing, so we're trying to keep the price at around $10 per shirt. To reach that price point, we're going to use silkscreening, (unlike the Cafepress shirts that we've had up for a while which use a more expensive one-off photo transfer process) so we're going to use our just-minted flattened logo on the shirts, which should be compatible with the silkscreening process.

One question I had was whether it should just say "OSNews," should it include our old standby slogan "Exploring the Future of Computing," or should it say something else, something clever and cheeky? Please give your opinion in the comments. If you recommend a new slogan for the shirt and we use it, you'll get a free shirt!

We also welcome recommendations of other types of OSNews swag to offer for sale, like mugs or yoyos.

The current plan is to print the shirts on a natural/light tan colored shirt. If you feel strongly that we should offer a different color -- which? and why?

We recently made some very nice embroidered polo shirts for OSNews staff to wear when we go to conferences and other industry events. We could also make up some of those if there's a market for them. They'll probably cost at least $30. If you would be interested, we'd like to know. (excuse the strange color of the photos)

Lastly, if anyone can recommend a good T-shirt printing company, if we use your recommendation, you'll get a free shirt.

Feel free to email me your suggestions or comments if you don't want them public, and if you're expressing an interest in an item or making a suggestion in the comments, please use a valid email address in the form, or I won't know who you are.

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