posted by Eugenia Loli on Wed 14th Jan 2004 01:21 UTC posted some interesting all-around BeOS/Zeta news today: Opera 3.64 for BeOS now available for $10 USD, are explaining why the newest version is further delayed, an article about installing BeOS inside Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and a hack effort to make BeOS believe that the machine has less RAM than it actually has in order to not hit its 1 GB RAM limitation and crash.

It might be wise to let these hackers know that limiting BeOS to 512 MB of RAM might be the best number (there are no apps that require more than 128 MB on BeOS/Zeta anyway), as there are cases where BeOS would crash even with 768 MB of system RAM if the graphics card installed is brand new and maps lots of memory. It is always a combination of graphics card mapping memory (it is not the # of MBs on the graphics board, but how much its BIOS maps to the PCI level) and system memory so it is not always easy to know where your BeOS could go up to. Using some very old PCI gfx cards people reportedly used BeOS with 1 GB of RAM without a problem while others had crashes with 640 MB of system RAM and newer gfx cards. Please read here and its comments for more info on this.

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