posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 11th Feb 2002 17:15 UTC
IconGobe Software recently announced the release of version 3.0.3 of gobeProductive, a free update for all 3.0.x versions. If you are a user of gobeProductive, you may upgrade by selecting "Check for Updates" from the 'Help' menu within gobeProductive. gobeProductive 3 is a great office suite for Windows and Gobe is so generous that is giving away 10 copies to 10 lucky OSNews readers, one copy every day for the next 10 business days! Total value of $1250 USD. Enter the competition now, read more how you can win.

Basically, there is not much you will have to do. Just download it (mirror), play with it, use it a bit, have a feel of it, and then reply to the form below with your comments for the product and how Gobe could better the product. Easy!

gobeProductive 3 is a modern office suite, with stronger points on its vector engine and its imaging capabilities. You will also find a powerful word processor and spreadsheet both with compatibility to Microsoft's formats (.doc & .xls) and the ability to be rendered side by side, exporting to PDF and HTML, among other great features. Additionally, the suite comes with a basic presentation application. And all that in a less than 12 MB package and for less than $125 USD. Or... just cross your fingers, enter the competition and win a free copy today!

Things you need to know before entering the competition:

  • ALL the form fields below need to be field with real and honest information, so Gobe can reply to you in case you won.
  • Gobe will pick up one winner every day and then they will be announced on OSNews at that very day.
  • The competition will be active from Monday, February 11th, to Friday 15th and back up again on Monday 17th up to Friday 22nd.
  • You are allowed to enter the competition every day for these 10 business days, but only one entry per day.
  • Gobe retains the right to add your email address to their ANNOUNCE-only mailing list (low traffic, 1-2 emails per month or so), but do not worry, your email address will only be used for this purpose and not any other.
  • If you win but you fail to reply to Gobe with your snail mail address (so they can send you the box) within a week, another winner will be chosen in your place.
  • OSNews does not accept any other responsibility other than hosting this competition.
  • Good luck everyone!

    Monday, 11 February 2002: Jesse Vitrone
    Tuesday, 12 February 2002: Will Massey
    Wednesday, 13 February 2002: Ramon de Vera
    Thursday, 14 February 2002: Christian Elkjer
    Friday, 15 February 2002: Oren Page
    Saturday, 16 February 2002: Travis Enoch
    Monday, 18 February 2002: Nick Ghammachi
    Tuesday, 19 February 2002: Stephen Newell
    Wednesday, 20 February 2002: Adam Scheinberg
    Thursday, 21 February 2002: Jeremy Kuek
    Friday, 22 February 2002: Kevin Boyd

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