posted by Eugenia Loli on Sat 30th Oct 2004 06:37 UTC
IconWhen on Unix/Linux I mostly use Gnome, and so here are some of the best third party GTK+ applications around I have found.

1. Leafpad
Great and simple text editor (think notepad). Loads in an instant, does all the basic work you expect from a simple text editor.

2. BloGTK & Drivel
For all you bloggers, these two apps will do the job for livejournal, blogger etc.

3. gThumb
The best Gnome image catalog app out there. Bonus: the digital camera integration and CD burning facility.

4. Gaim & Gossip
While I don't agree with some Gaim developers regarding their focus and direction, Gaim does the job for all of us who require mult-IM. For those who prefer it Free, Gossip is a great Jabber-only client, with a highly HIG-ified UI.

5. GPass & Revelation
Got secrets? Use these apps to store your passwords.

6. The Gimp
Everyone knows the Gimp. Retouching photos by adding glowing lightsabers to your pictures? The Gimp can do it just like Photoshop can!

7. Liferea & Blam!
Liferea is great to read sites' news via RSS, while Blam! is specializing in blogs' RSS feeds.

8. Rhythmbox & Muine
You want an iTunes-like app? Get Rhythmbox. Want a new way of managing and listening your music collection? Try Muine.

9. Totem
Great video and sound Player. Add and those illegal/pirated win32 codecs, and you are all set. ;)

10. Gnumeric
Powerful spreadsheet, does the job and looks good too.

11. AbiWord
A good all around word processor.

12. Kino
Kino is one of the apps that I believe has tremendous potential. It's still not stable and its interface is a bit chaotic, but it's getting there.

13. Anjuta and MonoDevelop
You, programmer? Try Anjuta if you use C/C++ and MonoDevelop if you are into Mono and C#.

14. Meld
A great diff utility. Really helpful.

15. Bluefish and Screem
I usually use a plain text editor for web development, but for those who require features and syntax highlighting, these two apps can do the job great.

16. Sound Juicer
I can best describe Sound Juicer as "cute". It's a nice little utility, works well, and it also looks good.

17. X-Chat
Ultimate IRC chatting application with many additional useless features too.

18. Gwget2
A handly utility to download big files off the web, especially if you are on dial-up.

19. Inkscape
For those who need to do it in SVG and vectors instead of rasters, Inkscape should be able to pull it through well.

20. Gnome PPP & Gnome PPX
Connection kits for PPPoE/A and dial-up.

Well, I said 20 apps but I listed more, and I still didn't list some other favorites of mine: Bluetooth utils, XPad, GTodo and TomBoy.

Now, if only there were a usable CD/DVD-burning Gnome application available too...

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