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Linux "As a Linux user, there are times when you have to play nicely with users of Windows or Mac OS - such as when they send you Microsoft Word files. When you receive a Word file, you can either follow Richard Stallman's advice and refuse it, or bite the bullet and work with it. Modern Linux word processors - such as Writer, AbiWord, KWord, and TextMaker - can deal with most Word files. But if you don't want to fire up a word processor in order to read or print the document, you can turn to the command line. A handful of small but powerful Linux command line utilities make viewing, printing, and even converting Word files to another format, a breeze."
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Stallman Cheap shot.
by mike hess on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 03:52 UTC
mike hess
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I was a little put off by the Stallman comment in this news entry. If you're interested, you can read Stallman's stance on Word docs here:

Maybe i'm being oversensitive, but i think the comment makes Stallman come off as a kook, and as you can see from the above article, his stance is very thoughtful.

Stallman has said in other places that Free software to aid interoperability is important, so i don't think he's claiming that Word docs are inherently evil at least when edited/read/created using Free solutions. The essay is merely asking that people "in the know" make a small effort to educate others who don't consider deeper issues in software.

There are document formats that are unemcumbered by patents, platform agnostic, and technically superior. Why not support them?

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RE: Stallman Cheap shot.
by DigitalAxis on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 04:43 in reply to "Stallman Cheap shot."
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Stallman quite frequently comes across as crazy. I know I don't agree with a lot of the things he's said (I wouldn't word any of those "don't send me Word Documents" quite that rudely), but at least he's got the guts to come up with radical statements for the rest of us to dismiss.

I mean, it's one thing to sit and ponder something and say "naah, that wouldn't work". It's another to have a confrontational "visionary" like Stallman who says emphatically yes, and makes big noises to make himself harder to ignore. He may still be wrong, but he's forced you to figure out WHY you don't agree with him.
And occasionally he comes up with something- the GNU project, the Open Source movement- that seems to work longer than you'd think.

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RE[2]: Stallman Cheap shot.
by Marlor on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 11:57 in reply to "RE: Stallman Cheap shot."
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And occasionally he comes up with something- the GNU project, the Open Source movement- that seems to work longer than you'd think.

Well, RMS is actually at odds with the Open Source movement, as he believes they put pragmatism ahead of ideals. However, he did come up with the Free Software movement.

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