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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In a preview of Tuesday afternoon's demonstration, Intel Marketing Director Brad Graff showed CNET several of the Ultra Mobile PC devices, including an example of the kind of hardware that will ship in the next few weeks as part of the Microsoft effort. As earlier reported, the first devices have a 7-inch touch screen, standard x86 processors, and can run full versions of desktop operating systems including the Windows XP variant being used for Origami.
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RE[5]: blogged about it
by ormandj on Tue 7th Mar 2006 23:25 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: blogged about it"
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Hehe. ;) Well, either way, no offense was intended nor did I want to belittle your own writing. Just an honest mistake/misunderstanding of blogs and apparently a mis-reading. ;)

As a side note, I thought more about it, I really can't ever see carrying a tablet. Too easy to break, I can't stick it in my pocket (and if I could the screen would be too small.) I'd rather just have a laptop in a bag - oh wait, I already do. ;)

I think the only time these things will be viable is when you can stick a little box in your pocket, plug a wire into some glasses and have a 60" display (or one appearing so) at a decent resolution, and some method of input that doesn't rely on typing/speaking. I don't want to be in public shouting at my computer to reboot on a BSOD, nor do I want to type on air like an idiot. Thought-computing, thank you very much!

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