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X11, Window Managers The team behind Kororaa, a Gentoo-based live CD, have released a live CD showcasing Xgl. "Today I am happy to release a Kororaa Live CD showcasing Xgl technology. If you would like to find out what it's all about, then download the CD and boot up your pc! The Live CD comes with Xorg 7, Gnome 2.12.2, 3D support, and of course Xgl." Download locations.
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Works nicely, highly recommended
by jbauer on Wed 8th Mar 2006 23:18 UTC
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Works great. I'm writing this from Firefox 1.5, included in the LiveCD. Everything I had seen in the videos works nicely and smoothly. Zoom in, zoom out, desktop cube, expose-like effect, transparency. Very impressive, even more if I add I run a quite modest nowadays P4 2Ghz and GF4MX with only 64MB.

I almost forget... there's a handy .txt included in the Desktop, it teaches you every keyboard shortcut you need to play with the effects.

I'd advise anyone interested to try it out, this LiveCD seems to be the easiest way until now to see what all the fuss is about with your own eyes. Great work, indeed.

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victorius Member since:

I agree, it works wonderfully. Thank you Kororaa! ;)

But one tiny question... The "Super-Key" is supposed to be the windows key.

I've tried on two different computers and can not zoom in/out. My windows keys seem to do nothing. Any ideas?

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jbauer Member since:

I just rebinded the zoom function to another key to make it work. You can do that using gconf, there are further instructions on the Key Shortcuts text file.

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