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Microsoft Samsung will enter the US computer market in April as the launch partner for Microsoft's new UltraMobile PC or 'Origami' platform. Launched this morning at the CeBit technology show in Hannover Germany, this smaller tablet PC fits between hand-held Portable Media Centers and more traditional tablet/notebook computers. Samsung's unit, scheduled to go on sale in April, is expected to cost under $1000 [EUR 840]. There's a batch of photos of the devices too. In addition, the 3rd video on the Origami website is also up.
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pt 2
by Hae-Yu on Fri 10th Mar 2006 00:15 UTC
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It isn't useful for doing the big Photoshoppy/ document layout kind of things. That's why I have a honkin desktop PC with 2 big monitors.

But a laptop isn't useful for photoshoppy things either. If you tell me that ANY LCD screen is good for photoshop or Illustrator then you're full of it. Put a $100 CRT next to an ACD and the CRT still has MUCH better color and grayscale. ACD's look great, they look fine... for document work - the same as any other LCD. Unless you care about how your fonts look...

The iRiver only has a 3.5" screen. Are you serious? It's why the PSP as a video platform likely won't take off. Realistically, they're too small.

But portable should be portable. Not take it out and set it on a desk and be stationary. A laptop isn't truly portable. Think about it, go sit outside you have to sit it on your lap or other surface. You can't just hold it. You can walk around reading something, but it isn't that practical to do. Tablets are better, but still too big to view in one hand while talking on the phone with the other hand.

Ever walk around and read a magazine? A paperback? A small hardback? A chart or schematic? Ever done that with a laptop? It isn't too practical and definitely not as convenient. You can't just stand up and walk around, you have to adjust the screen, and in general take care of the hinge mechanism.

It's not just a convenient e-reader either - it's a movie viewer, web viewer. With the WiFi features - IM, video IM, gaming, etc it can fulfill many standard uses.

The reason why I've held off is because a laptop really isn't all that portable of a device. In the military they would classify a laptop as a tactical device. You can carry it from one location to another easily, but you are usually stationary to use it. Portable is something you use on the go like a brick or cellphone (handheld) or a backpack radio. Mobile is what fits in the back of a truck, van or humvee.

I don't see why the usefulness of this formfactor isn't readily obvious to everyone. The implementation could obviously use some work, but it's a start.

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RE: pt 2
by ronaldst on Fri 10th Mar 2006 05:27 in reply to "pt 2"
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I don't see why the usefulness of this formfactor isn't readily obvious to everyone.

It's because no one needs this device. It's quite obvious: It doesnt fulfill a need.

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