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Apple Dan Kusnetzky, Apple program vice president, spoke to PC Pro News at IDC and said that Apple has no plans to support booting into Vista on the new Intel Macs. However, a Microsoft spokesman said that Microsoft would have no problem granting a Windows licence to Apple, in exactly the same way it currently provides licences to Dell and HP: "Microsoft would support Apple the same way it supports every other PC manufacturer." But Dan Kusnetzky said it would be difficult to know who would support that machine if Windows was running on a Mac. However, "no doubt someone will work out how to run Windows on the Mac, even if Apple doesn't technically support that."
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RE "not likely" and "should use"
by atsureki on Sun 12th Mar 2006 19:56 UTC
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Wishful thinking is fine, even when it does clutter up the Internet, but know something about Apple before making up futuristic operating systems. They're nothing if not proud.

The only way Windows would ever show up on an out-of-the-box Mac is if a third party reseller were authorized by both Apple and Microsoft to make a dual-boot machine. Apple might agree (there's a company that does it with Linux, though their name escapes me), but Microsoft doesn't allow OEMs to distribute dual-booting machines.

All Microsoft Man has said here is that they'd happily go along with it if Apple dropped their flagship product to allow more Windows distribution, so as Pseudo Cyborg pointed out, he has said nothing at all.

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