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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y OSNews regular Kaiwai takes a superficial look at Vista and MacOS 10.4/10.5, and concludes: "To say that the changes in Windows Vista are only skin deep is missinformed to say the least; spend some time reading those sources I have listed, and even if you don't have a desire to run Windows Vista or particular interested in Windows based technology, it does provide some good resources explaining the changes and rationale behind those choices made. So from a purely technical point of view, Windows Vista is actually looking a whole lot more interesting than what the detractors have been saying in the computer press about the current direction."
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RE: Vista lacking luster.
by gustl on Mon 13th Mar 2006 14:23 UTC in reply to "Vista lacking luster."
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If one listens to all the guys proclaiming that Vista will be a lot different and new under the hood, I always think:

"yes - and no"

Vista under-the-hood technology will make it more secure, more stable, in one word: More UNIX-like. And this UNIX-likeness comes along by sticking closer to UNIX design and programming principles, which are much older than Microsoft themselves.

I can see the different operating systems converge technologically: Linux with Gnome, KDE or other desktops come closer to what Windows and/or Apple offers (and at some areas even takes the lead on the desktop), and Windows becomes more secure on the internet.

This would be a good thing for us consumers, if we could actually decide which operating system we want to have pre-installed on the computer we buy at Dell, HP or WalMart.

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RE[2]: Vista lacking luster.
by sappyvcv on Mon 13th Mar 2006 17:39 in reply to "RE: Vista lacking luster."
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So securing your product automatically makes it more UNIX-like? Well that's retarded.

As far as the under-the-hood non-security changes being more UNIX-like... somewhat. And some things are moving far away from it.

That's how thigns go. Why even bothiner calling it "more UNIX-like"?

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