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Linux Linus Torvalds has released Linux 2.6.16 today. "Not a lot of changes since -rc6, but there's various random one-liners here and there (a number of Coverity bugs found, for example), and there are small MIPS and PowerPC updates. It looks like both Fedora and SuSE end up using a kernel that is pretty close to this 2.6.16 release, so let's all hope it's good. Give it a good testing, please."
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with this kernel?

mines broken in 2.6.15

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There are a few emu10k1 fixes in the Changelog, I'd say it's worth a try. (I don't have one, sorry)

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Odd...I've got a SB Audigy (rev 4) and it's working fine with 2.6.15.

In the worst case scenario you could skip the kernel's alsa support and install the latest version (or earlier ones if the latest doesn't work) from if you still have trouble.

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