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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Not too long ago Mark Shuttleworth proposed a delay of six weeks for the release of Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Today, after discussion within the community, the delay was approved and announced. "June 1st 2006 is the updated release date for Ubuntu Dapper, Desktop and Server editions, a delay of 6 weeks over the previous release date of April 20." More information in the release schedule.
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RE[2]: Dapper Delayed
by jcinacio on Tue 21st Mar 2006 11:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Dapper Delayed"
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In this case why try to include all the latest software at the cost of delaying the release. There is always backports for the latest software.
They could have simply released with a decent set of "polished" software and included the remaining in the backports, when the new software were "polished".

The delay is not about including the latest software, it's about more time for things like: bug-fix, QA, LSB certification, localisation, and polish.

Mark Shuttleworth considered these points essential, and the 6 weeks delay essential to get things done.

Beeing this the first version that will be supported for 5 years, and fully supported for "corporate use", i think it should not be compared to the previous releases in terms of release schedule.
Personally, i think the delay is the only decision possible at this time, as hard as it may be for some users to understand it because for them "it just works".

The commitment to try and make ubuntu dapper (6.06) the best release possible is commendable.

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