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BeOS & Derivatives Studio33 has released part II [part I] in its series of articles looking at the current state of Haiku. "In the previous part I talked about the achievements of the Haiku Team since the project was first started, this time I will go deeper into the work that has been done lately and which parts need serious attention in the coming months." Screenshots o'plenty, boys and girls.
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RE[2]: X11 compatability
by Kancept on Tue 21st Mar 2006 17:45 UTC in reply to "RE: X11 compatability"
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Why not run OS/2 then? You can run Windows apps, Linux apps, DOS apps, Java apps - heck, they even have Virtual PC and Virtual Station to run the whole other needed OS if need be. We do have X11 as well, along with a posix layer. ;-) Somehow I doubt this comment will sway you or anyone else. hehe...

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