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Legal French lawmakers approved an online copyright bill Tuesday that would require Apple to break open the exclusive format behind its market-leading iTunes music store and iPod players. The draft law - which also sets new penalties for music pirates - would force Apple, Sony, and others to share proprietary copy-protection technologies so that rivals can offer compatible services and players. An analyst expects that Apple is more likely to leave the French market, than to open its format in France. My take: Just buy CDs. They play in every CD player, and have no weird restrictions. In case you forgot, CDs look like this.
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And punishing the successful ones is good "regulating"?

There was no problem. Apple wasn't locking out anyone from the digital music download scene.

Apple should move their service from France to Ukraine and/or Russia. They all have Cell phones over there. The market is ripe for the taking.

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And punishing the successful ones is good "regulating"?

It's not a matter of punishing. We're not talking about justice, or morals, or anything like that. The point is, there's a free market, and the state has to put some regulation so that it remains a free market. This is not at all specific to France, the same thing could happen in any capitalistic country.

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it's not about free market, it's about in one hand protecting authors against pirates, and in an other allowing users to do what they want with a song they bought as long as it remains a private usage.

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It's not a matter of punishing. We're not talking about justice, or morals, or anything like that.

Oh no. It is about morals. Nothing about free market or capitalistic. It's a law based purely on emotions. And those are never needed. And will only end up hurting the successful, which in this case here is Apple inc.

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Yeah, sure, Ukraine and Russia. As if we had a tradition to pay for content here :-D

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