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BeOS & Derivatives Studio33 has released part II [part I] in its series of articles looking at the current state of Haiku. "In the previous part I talked about the achievements of the Haiku Team since the project was first started, this time I will go deeper into the work that has been done lately and which parts need serious attention in the coming months." Screenshots o'plenty, boys and girls.
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RE[7]: X11 compatability
by umccullough on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 02:55 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: X11 compatability"
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I'm terribly confused - How is it that GIMP,, Inkscape, etc. require X11 in order to be ported to an OS? I'm pretty certain the Windows ports of these are not using X11 right?

I'm pretty certain that compatibility layers can be written for the porting of these apps. Mostly, POSIX compliance is the most important requirement - then most of the dependencies can be ported, and finally the apps that use them.

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RE[8]: X11 compatability
by Valhalla on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 05:43 in reply to "RE[7]: X11 compatability"
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umccullough wrote:
"I'm pretty certain the Windows ports of these are not using X11 right?"

shhhsh... don't tell the x11 crowd. afaik gimp only requires the gtk+ runtime environment (go figure!). openoffice and inkscape has no x11 requirements when running under windows. however, iirc both gimp and openoffice on OSX does require x11, maybe thats what got rayiner so hung up about it, since he stated he was an OSX user?

rayiner wrote:
"OpenOffice has an order of magnitude more features than Gobe did, and lots of people need access to it."

hence that is why Yellowtab is porting OpenOffice. and I pretty much doubt they'll be running it under x.

rayiner wrote:
"However, I'm not delusional enough to expect that Haiku can try to go it entirely alone, creating a completely new platform from the ground up. History has shown that this is a fruitless endeavor."

it's not a 'completely new platform', it's an open source clone of an existing platform named Beos, it's also posix compatible.

and they're not going at it alone, Yellowtab, a german vendor is selling a commercial version of Beos named Zeta, and are also porting the gcc 4.x toolchain, together with the aforementioned OpenOffice. also, they are developing commercial applications.

will Haiku be a runaway success? not likely, however, the existing Beos userbase will remain, ie migrate to Haiku or Zeta, and it will attract a bunch of new users with it's elegance and some (I hope) osnews release hype ;D

world domination was never really on the table.

peace and prosperity!

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Application Availability
by jojo on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 10:03 in reply to "RE[8]: X11 compatability"
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Besides Haiku R1 actually being here and stable, the two major things for the Haiku community to tackle will be:
* Drivers
* Application availability

Without drivers for your machine, it will get you nowhere. Next on the need-list is the applications you use on a regular basis, and this list is diffrent for all of us.

Then why all this? To get as much people as possible to use Haiku on a daily basis. Lets not forget one important thing. Developers (like me) are users too, and with more developers comes more native apps and more innovation.

rayiner has a good point, in that more users, even though not using purely native apps, is a good thing. After all, Haiku will be better of with users running a great deal of native apps [1] and a few "Linux"-apps like GIMP, than users using only Linux apps.

[1] And thus contributing to them in various amounts, such as helping other users, giving bug reports or even doing actual development.

I for one belive Haiku has a good chance of becoming a success.

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RE[8]: X11 compatability
by stew on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 06:33 in reply to "RE[7]: X11 compatability"
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I'm terribly confused - How is it that GIMP,, Inkscape, etc. require X11 in order to be ported to an OS? I'm pretty certain the Windows ports of these are not using X11 right?

Little history lesson - OpenOffice started on Windows and OS/2 (back when it was still StarDivision's product), the X11/Unix port came later.

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