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Apple Microsoft has responded positively to Apple's Boot Camp, stating: "Windows is a great operating system. We're pleased that Apple customers are excited about running it, and that Apple is responding to meet the demand." Apple, in the meantime, stated that Apple will never sell Macs with Windows pre-installed, while VoodooPC's CTO wonders what Boot Camp's implications might be. And on a related note, VMWare's CEO confirmed that they are working on a version for Mac OS X on Intel. Update: According to AppleInsider, Apple will rename its iBook line to MacBook, and launch them near the end of this month. The MacBook will sport Core-Duo processors, 13" widescreen, built-in iSight, and Front Row/remote.
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File System and Partition Magic
by leech on Sat 8th Apr 2006 19:46 UTC
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One thing I haven't seen anyone post on, how is one going to Partition the hard drive to put Windows XP on it. Does Partition Magic have the ability to resize HFS+, or any other partitioning tool? Most common people (but then again, common people don't buy macs in the first place) are not even going to know that it needs to be partitioned.

Windows XP will also overwrite the MBR and totally take over the computer as well.

Sure it's possible to dual-boot them, if the firmware is there to let WinXP to install. But I don't think you can use Grub to do it. I'm pretty sure Apple doesn't have a bootloader either.


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You don't think apple hasn't already dealt with all of those? The whole point behind bootcamp is to be able to run windows, so it's going to run windows. If you'd actually looked at the boot camp page (, you would've found all your questions answered...

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