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Windows "I still remember the day very clearly. It was Monday, October 27, 2003. Several thousand developers - and, let's face it, quite a few garden variety Windows enthusiasts - charged into Hall A at the Los Angeles Convention Center like teenage girls at a Justin Timberlake concert, volleying for the best seats. I've been to more Bill Gates keynotes than I can count, and this was the first time I ever saw anyone climb over other people in order to secure a better view (no offense to Mr. Gates, but he's not exactly a dynamic speaker). It was PDC 2003 and everything was right with my world." Read more of the editorial here.
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RE: if PT writes like this....
by sappyvcv on Thu 20th Apr 2006 16:48 UTC in reply to "if PT writes like this...."
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Then he is not a troll, because a troll would not do that.

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