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Zeta YellowTAB has released Zeta 1.2. "The moment has come: yellowTAB presents the latest version of yellowTAB ZETA 1.2. So many items and features have been improved or changed that is is almost impossible to mention them all. Read on below to find out about the new and exciting changes we have made to yellowTAB ZETA 1.2."
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RE: Good to see
by Jack Burton on Fri 28th Apr 2006 06:28 UTC in reply to "Good to see"
Jack Burton
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"But I for one, have already ordered myself a copy. Even if it doesn't run on every single machine I have, I'll at least get the satisfaction of knowing that I've helped the platform's development (which desperately needs it). Everyone interested should do the same instead of waiting for yT to go belly-up."

I remember saying something like this in the year 1999 (or was it 2000?) about some other company (guess which one?). No thank you, went there already, did that already.

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RE[2]: Good to see
by Beta on Fri 28th Apr 2006 15:15 in reply to "RE: Good to see"
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I was thinking the above aswell (buying a copy of 1.2), but I'd hate to see the donation wasted if yT folded.. then again, Haiku needs more than money right now :|

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