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Linux Andrew Morton, the lead maintainer of the Linux production kernel, is worried that an increasing number of defects are appearing in the 2.6 kernel and is considering drastic action to resolve it. "I believe the 2.6 kernel is slowly getting buggier. It seems we're adding bugs at a higher rate than we're fixing them," Morton said, in a talk at the LinuxTag conference in Wiesbaden, Germany, on Friday.
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Greg Kroah Hartman has no business working on USB interfaces that he has no clue about. How come windows and Mac and BSD have had stable USB interfaces based on Specs?

Do not blame stable kernel APIs for your own personal engineering shortcomings.

The world of engineering (electronic/mechanical/chemical) all MUST rely on stable APIs or interfaces or you'd be constantly introducing bugs.

If this simple idea cannot get through the heads of people like Kroah-Hartman and Linus, they should go back to College and take a refresher course in software engineering and leave engineering to more sane people like Andrew Morton and David Miller.

Let this be a warning to all Linux subsystem developers - ALSA, Video, Network, Storage - DO NOT F*** WITH APIS.

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