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Apple So, how does the news of Apple and DRM change, or not change, your purchasing habits regarding x86 Macs? Let us know by participating in our following poll:
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RE: DRM will stop Piracy Period!
by the_trapper on Tue 2nd Aug 2005 02:41 UTC in reply to "DRM will stop Piracy Period!"
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LOL that's the best laugh I've had all day. This DRM will be subverted just like every other DRM/copy protection solution out there today. It's really just cat and mouse. What's keeping me from emulating this DRM in some software virtualizer/emulator ala Qemu/Bochs? Copy protection is nearly as old as the software industry. We've had "unbreakable" and "implemented in hardware" copy protection solutions before, such as floppy disks with random lasered out sectors.

I am disappointed, but yes I did see this coming.

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Agreed. No matter what engineers/programmers come up with next to protect their software, there is always a way around it. Just a though, anyone wondered if maybe one day people will put mod chips in their computer, similar to xbox/ps2. Wouldn't that be a simple solution to this DRM chip? I know people who know next to nothing about hardware/software, downloading xbox/ps2 games, and playing them. Just seems like a waste of time to put so much money into something, when it will simply be cracked.

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