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Apple Did Apple make a mistake by switching to Intel? We may never know, but Apple had more options than has been previously reported, The Register can exclusively reveal. A chip start-up that created a high performance, low power processor compatible with existing Mac software had been working closely with the computer company for many months. "PA Semi was counting on that deal," said one source. "They had lots of guys walking around in a daze when Apple went to Intel. They had no idea that would actually happen." Ars's Hannibal, criticaster of Apple's reasoning to switch to Intel, also expressed his thoughts on this issue.
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RE: Wait...
by Governa on Mon 22nd May 2006 00:18 UTC in reply to "Wait..."
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I tottally agree with Brad.

Anyway, since Apple announced the swith, the PowerPC industry started revealing bogus news about upcoming super-solutions, super-chips, running at super-speed with super-performance per watt... give me a break! Who believes them anymore? They may be fine for servers or game consoles but they are not suited for the common/home user. Too little, too late.

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RE[2]: Wait...
by gomadtroll on Tue 23rd May 2006 01:10 in reply to "RE: Wait..."
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It doesn't seem that most folks do not realize that the 'PC' whether Apple or IBM clone is an entry level piece of hardware. The Apple PC vs the Intel debate does't really mean much in the bigger picture of computing.Cheap is just the only factor that seems to resonate with many users.

The PPC that apple used was a detuned Power chip from IBM, or the prooposed roadmap was anyway. IBM does have all those newer, faster, deeper, harder.. etc. Power chips , but most 'PC' users can't afford and don't need the horsepower.

The processoer is not the bottleneck anyway, tune the whole system, not just add GHz.

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