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Windows Don't expect Microsoft to talk much about the Basic edition of Windows Vista when the operating system ships. The software maker wants you to go Premium. Microsoft is readying its marketing efforts for Vista, the successor to Windows XP slated to be broadly available in January. In its consumer campaigns, the company plans to highlight specific uses - which it calls 'scenarios' - of the operating system. In each case, Windows Vista Home Premium will be the product Microsoft tries to sell.
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I can understand that this is an Operating Systems News site, and your job is to report news on Operating Systems,
Windows is not the number one operating system by a long chalk.
It might be installed on more computers than anything else, but what does that prove?

Is it the fastest OS ? No. It is not number one.
It is the most stable OS ? No. It is not number one.
Is it the most reliable OS ? No. It is not number one.
Is it the least bloated OS ? No. It is not number one.
Is it the nicest looking OS ? No. It is not number one.
Has it got more games than all other OS ? Yes, OK, I give you that one.

I don't mean to bitch, but having an editors job on a site like this, you actually need to watch what you say. People always pick things up the wrong way.

BTW - ZX Spectrum has the best OS of all computers of all time.

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That's quite a list. But Windows _does_ top the most virus, most spyware, most adware, etc categories.

I appreciate your point and join your annoyance that Windows maintains it's lead when there is so much better, so available.

But Thom's point was actually well taken. Windows is the highest selling OS, regardless of whether it deserves it, so it gets a lot of news on this OS site.

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That is not what he was saying. He was saying that Thom should not be so flippant with the things he says.

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Boy, are you way too literal. When someone tells you, "that movie killed me" do you jump right in and say, "oh, yah? then how come you're still alive?"

Get. Out. Of. Your. Parent's. Basement.

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