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Windows Microsoft released Vista Beta 2 for public consumption. It does not require a Key but will expire on June 1 2007. You can download the 3GB ISOs (or from here) for 32bit and 64bit architectures.
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by Jody on Thu 8th Jun 2006 01:59 UTC
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I am not trying to troll but how come you get so many free applications on 2 700 meg Linux ISO's (which includes source code) but so few applications with Vista?

Is Aero a 2 gig feature? Is the RTM release expected to be smaller?

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by diegocg on Thu 8th Jun 2006 02:13 in reply to "3GB ISO?"
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1) They are probably including all the debug symbols.

2) XP used to come in a CD but that doesn't means it "fits" in a CD. Back in 2001, there were not too many DVDs. For XP, Microsoft probably had to take out many things. Specially weird drivers, but there's also many "kits" that you had to download from Microsoft's web page.

Now that DVDs are really mainstream, Microsoft can afford to put a DVD of crap there. Extra drivers, for example. Who cares, really? - it's just one DVD

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RE[2]: 3GB ISO?
by Jody on Thu 8th Jun 2006 02:35 in reply to "RE: 3GB ISO?"
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It isn't the fact that it is 3 gig that I have a problem with.

My problem is that it is now 3 gig and still doesn't come with cool software to play with.

They could bundle software for common tasks that is spyware free, for instance.

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RE[2]: 3GB ISO?
by ma_d on Thu 8th Jun 2006 02:39 in reply to "RE: 3GB ISO?"
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And the thing is, once you're over 800MB and have no hope of getting on a CD you then have a new limitation on size. Since you're going to require a DVD anyway, you might as well fill it up.

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RE[2]: 3GB ISO?
by SlackerJack on Thu 8th Jun 2006 15:07 in reply to "RE: 3GB ISO?"
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Debug symbols, WTF?, there is no way that takes up so much space, what are you smoking?

What actually comes with Vista, a office suit?, seems to me it's code bloat and you can expect as XP does to grow to at least 4-5Gb.

But hey we all have 200Gb hard drives, dual layer dvd writers and 1Gb of ram right?

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by anonymousbrowser on Thu 8th Jun 2006 02:37 in reply to "3GB ISO?"
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Even a single CD distro or liveCD can boast more value for money.

It's great for MS that they're getting all this free testing, i can't understand the appeal of Microsoft's beta level product myself.

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by orestes on Thu 8th Jun 2006 02:57 in reply to "3GB ISO?"
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Probably has a lot to do with the way the installs now, specifically the fact they're using what amounts to a sysprepped image file with a lot of extra drivers included as a way of speeding up the install process.

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RE[2]: 3GB ISO?
by PlatformAgnostic on Thu 8th Jun 2006 06:46 in reply to "RE: 3GB ISO?"
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Not to mention that the DVD contains builds for both x86 and x64 with all the attendant binaries. Also the single DVD contains all the OS features you could possibly have in Windows (all the way from Home to Ultimate).

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v RE[2]: 3GB ISO?
by proforma on Thu 8th Jun 2006 07:52 in reply to "3GB ISO?"
RE[3]: 3GB ISO?
by raver31 on Fri 9th Jun 2006 11:22 in reply to "RE[2]: 3GB ISO?"
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tons of software included with the OS ?
what planet are you on man ?

are you saying sol, notepad, calc, wordpad, media player, are tons of software ?
do you think people actually use them ?

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by Thomas2005 on Thu 8th Jun 2006 12:37 in reply to "3GB ISO?"
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The .NET framework is pretty hefty and once all the debug symbols are gone the size should drop considerably.

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by load_mic on Thu 8th Jun 2006 13:08 in reply to "3GB ISO?"
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I wouldn't be surprised if 1G was devoted to drivers. The rest is probably .NET and other 'managed' runtime services.

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