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Apple Many people who have called Apple to complain about excessive heat coming from their newly purchased computers have been told that the MacBook and the MacBook Pro are in fact Notebook computers and not Laptop computers. This article details why they are totally full of it.
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"Full load" or "a few bricks shy of one"
by wocowboy on Sat 17th Jun 2006 08:57 UTC
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I guess people are bound & determined to use their "notebook" at full capacity on their laps for 8-10 hours no matter what any manual says, and if they get burned it is NOT their fault for being a total blithering idiot, it's Apple's fault for faulty design. Give me a break!!!
If you like to stare at a screen for that amount of time while doing video rendering, then you have other problems that just might be related to the above-mentioned "blithering idiot" syndrome. <EG>

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