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KDE This is the 3rd installment in my series on deficiencies in common desktop environments. After GNOME and the Mac/MacOS, it is now KDE's turn. As with the other installments, this is a rant. Beware.
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RE[5]: The "K" names suck
by lpotter on Mon 19th Jun 2006 01:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The "K" names suck"
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No, we are discussing the 3rd installment of a 3 part article, the first of which is about Gnome, which never mentions the "G" naming convention in Gnome as something that "sucks", but it does mention the "K" naming convention of Kde.

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RE[6]: The "K" names suck
by NxStY on Mon 19th Jun 2006 08:24 in reply to "RE[5]: The "K" names suck"
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Well of course it wasn't mentioned because it's not such a problem in gnome. Gnome apps are usually named in three ways.

System apps are usually named gnome-foo or gnome-foo-bar. (gnome-terminal, gnome-power-manager etc.)

User apps are usually have ordinary names. (nautilus, evolution, epiphany)

Some other apps, like the games, have a g, gn or gno in the beginning, though they still form valid words.

It's nothing like the K-mess of KDE.

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