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SuSE, openSUSE "We're glad to announce SUSE Linux 10.2 Codename 'Basilisk Lizard' Alpha2. It's downloadable from today on and will be the last community/consumer distribution called SUSE Linux. We'll rename SUSE Linux into openSUSE." And the release announcement lists some changes, with a referral to CD1, where the changelog can be found. And there was much rejoicing. No, really.
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by mariux on Thu 13th Jul 2006 23:38 UTC
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I really wish they would take the time this time to fix some really simple stuff that every user uses, but that still doesnt work in neither SLED 10 (rc3) or OpenSuSE 10.1

1. Wifi: Give me networking that works out of the box with my ipw2200 (ubuntu has done it), and a damn applet that lists the available networks. I imagine i could write something like that in a day by just wrapping some iwup/iwlist commands. Can't possibly be that hard for them to do.

2. Give me a packagemanager/updater that works. No bullshit, just works.
A system updater in the kind of distro that Suse is should never leave you with an error when trying to update a base system which you have done nothing to.

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RE: Focus
by bob8 on Thu 13th Jul 2006 23:51 in reply to "Focus"
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1. Network listing is avaliable, see "Network Manager" it's in SLED 10 (rc3) which it seems you haven't actually used.
2. Never had any problems with SLED 10 (rc3).

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RE: Focus
by kejar31 on Thu 13th Jul 2006 23:52 in reply to "Focus"
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2. just use the smart package management. It works great with no problems what so ever and its very easy to install.

here are the instructions.

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RE[2]: Focus
by leech on Fri 14th Jul 2006 00:04 in reply to "RE: Focus"
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I think the original point was that 10.1 has a problem with the out of box package manager, which is just plain wrong for any distro to release like that. Smart package manager can be used in any distro, but last few times I've used it, I didn't think it was quite as useful as some of the other package managers I've used (like Synaptic) but maybe that's just because it's in an earlier stage of development.

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RE: Focus
by onjoo on Fri 14th Jul 2006 07:20 in reply to "Focus"
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mariux, what are you talking about?

1. Wifi: it was Opensuse that introduced the new networkmanager. Ubuntu just integrated it to their product. And yes the ipw-firmware is included or can be easily downloaded from repositories.

2. Actually Ubuntus apt is a bit old-fashioned. I think they should start using smart. Yep, new libzypp/Zen/zmd isn't perfect, but with the newest updates the bugmonster has been fixed and is fully working. And like other people have posted, in suse you can use Smart.

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RE[2]: Focus
by Anonymous Penguin on Fri 14th Jul 2006 07:38 in reply to "RE: Focus"
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"2. Actually Ubuntus apt is a bit old-fashioned."

Please don't tell me that Debian apt is old fashioned. It is being improved all the time and it is one of the best package managers availabe. Certainly better than the 5 or 6 package managers available for SUSE, all conflicting with one another.

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