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Morphos The latest article in our OSNews OS contest: Learn about MorphOS, the heir to the Amiga legacy. This article chronicles its bumpy history, its still-compelling features, and the current state of MorphOS development.
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RE: [Rant]Wrong direction?
by twenex on Mon 17th Jul 2006 15:50 UTC in reply to "[Rant]Wrong direction?"
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Well, the article DOES say that the OS does not include a TCP/IP stack, text editor, or browser.

Though how one is supposed to download a TCP/IP stack from Aminet without already having a TCP/IP, I'm not quite certain.

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Right... Of course, the TCP/IP stack should be built in.

But, say, when I load my XFCE desktop, it says that about 130 megs of ram is in use. When I booted my A1200 back in the days, max 512 k was in use for the system, plus some bells & whistles I'd thrown in.

The functionality of my XFCE desktop does not in any way compare to that of the A1200 in terms of how much RAM in use. In fact, I don't think I missed anything but the weather-plugin, and of course tcp/ip as you mention, but should those take 129,5 megs of ram?

Of course the GNU/Linux system as a whole does lots more things than Amiga or MorphOS, but in the case of just using the thing I cannot see many things wich one should think required 129,5 megs of ram, and wich I didn't have on the A1200.

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RE[3]: [Rant]Wrong direction?
by twenex on Mon 17th Jul 2006 18:06 in reply to "RE[2]: [Rant]Wrong direction?"
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It seems to all revolve around the TCP/IP stack; X was written to be network-transparent, so all X programs have to be, too. Plus, the original Amiga system software folks had the luxury of being hardware-dependent, which the designers of UNIX and X could not afford to indulge in.

I'm not making excuses for X and/or UNIX; but I suspect that if the Amiga's designers had had the same goals for the OS and Workbench that the designers of UNIX, X and GNOME/KDE have (that would including designing Workbench so that there was no default look-and-feel), they would have come up with much more bloated software than they did. But they couldn't; in fact they were so impressed with the design of the Amiga that, having been contracted to write system software for what essentially was a simple computer-cum-console, they came up with possibly the most advanced 1980s OS *outside* of UNIX/X.

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RE[3]: [Rant]Wrong direction?
by hobgoblin on Tue 18th Jul 2006 00:16 in reply to "RE[2]: [Rant]Wrong direction?"
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hmm, 130 MB. how many daemons are running?

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