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Amiga & AROS "In a previous item, we described how the AmigaOS4.0 memory system works in terms of managing memory allocations from the top. However, there is more to allocating memory than that. The object caches of course work on memory that has already been mapped into the virtual memory space. But both the virtual address ranges, as well as the physical memory has to come from a source, too."
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by trezzer on Wed 19th Jul 2006 20:32 UTC
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I don't know what it is about former users, who suddenly feel the need to toll the death bell over a platform they do not use and do no longer care about. It's not going to change a single mind of those who still want to use an Amiga to make music, watch videos, make videos or any of the other tasks you can do on a computer. They use the Amiga and they stick with the Amiga because they want to - not because they have to.

So what good does it do to tell them they should abandon ship? With what the average Amiga user has been through since Commodore's demise I think it's safe to say that scorn and condescending words will not change their minds.

Some people want a future for the Amiga because it's their computer of choice. Some want to see it regain former glory. The latter group will have a hard time while the first can already rejoice. For me using an Amiga is all about having fun with a computer. It used to be about games, then it was about making games and then all the other creative things you can do with one. Can it be done on other platforms? Sure. Can it be done easier? Sure. Why stick with the Amiga? Because it's still fun and because it's somehow inspiring.

That's the reason why a billion death tolls won't change my mind. If the Amiga loses its relevance I'll decide when to ditch it myself, thank you very much.

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RE: Please
by henrikmk on Wed 19th Jul 2006 21:49 in reply to "Please"
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In my mind, I like to compare Amiga Inc. a bit to Apple, in this case, an incredibly failed version of Apple. And nothing good will come out of staying so quiet for so long.

I think we should detach ourselves from Amiga Inc. the company until/if they get themselves on their feet financially and are able to put out sound plans on what they intend to do with AmigaOS4, AmigaDE, the Digital Habitat and all those buzzwords they flung on their website around 3-4 years ago. There is currently nothing serious to expect from them and this presents the following problems:

- Who the h... would invest in them? What kind of technology do they have, which can't be bought from elsewhere? AmigaDE is based on Elate which is Tao Group's baby. Tao Group has many customers who are bigger than Amiga Inc. As an outsider, they would not be very compelling to invest in or to buy products from. I know that KMOS invested in them, but this was in order to save themselves from bankrupcy. AmigaOS4 seems to be something they either want to move away from or bury when the time comes, otherwise there would probably be a lot more hardware to buy now.

- They are stone-dead-quiet. They have released less software in the past 3 years than even I have. :-) When they release news, it's usually about a partnership which seems very irrelevant to anyone interested in the Amiga technology. There is very little visible progress.

- They demonstrated technology 4 years ago which still hasn't been released. This tells me that development is slow or has stopped because it is very hard to program for Elate without proper development tools. I own the AmigaDE Party Pack, and it was no party to program for. The tools were very basic although the basics of the technology was and is still very impressive.

- They have not demonstrated a concrete vision. They have demonstrated a lot of vague hints on what would be possible generally in the future, but no real concrete "We want to attach this market segment". What is it they want to do with the technology? Produce end-user products? Provide middle-ware for other companies?

What this means, is that I'm afraid for AmigaOS4. It's not getting the amount of water, sunshine and fertilization it needs to grow beyond the current borders of Amiga land and this worries me, because why would Amiga Inc. stint its growth like this?

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