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OSNews, Generic OSes Plan 9 is an operating system designed by the same people who created the original UNIX. Its development began in the late 1980's and it was a research project intended to address a variety of system scalability issues that the UNIX and LINUX kernels don't do particularly well, namely, distributed computing, distributed name spaces, and distributed file systems. Plan 9 is open source and its current and fourth major release was in 2002. It is available as an install or LiveCD and it can be downloaded here. Note: This is an entry to our Alternative OS Contest.
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RE: Plan 9 and VMWare?
by siebharinn on Thu 20th Jul 2006 14:13 UTC in reply to "Plan 9 and VMWare?"
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And When I tried Plan 9 in the now free Microsoft Virtual PC I could not get the install to create a MBR in the filesystem. Has anyone had success here? If so, what is the trick?
I had it running under VPC. I didn't have to do anything tricky to get it to work; I just used the defaults.

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