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Mac OS X With the latest update to the ADC Reference Library, Apple has deprecated the entire Foundation and Application Kits for Java. Previously, it was stated that the Java-Cocoa bridge was still valid for learning purposes.
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Java looks fine and works well on mac. But still I use regularly Cyberduck for example which is a great app but you still feel the java 'power tax' when running it. It takes a few more seconds to load especially. When I started writing my first mac app I didn't know objective C and I really wanted to do it in java. Luckily the APIs I wanted to use where not available to java (Core Image).

After a few months I am glad I couldn't write it in java and had to learn ObjC (really not hard, I took much longer to learn about Cocoa APIs). In java it would probably have become unbearbly slow and the project would have been abandonned by now. That would especially be true for a graphically intensive app that has too launch in a snap.

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