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Windows "Surprise surprise. Windows Vista speech recognition actually works. Contrary to what MSNBC criticize as a ‘wreck', the speech recognition technology is well developed and highly usable, says Long Zheng.
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by ThawkTH on Wed 9th Aug 2006 16:42 UTC
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I'm usually quite anti-Microsoft. I've, on more than one occassion, accused vista of being a prettified XP. Nothing more.

I've begun to see the error in my thinking. Do I think Vista's as different and groundbreaking as it should be after 5 years (+)?

Not at all.

This I do find impressive. Even if most people don't use it. Even if it is a toy once in a while. It's different and appears to work extremely well.

Now someone needs to come up with something total nerds would totally love - a tablet pc with a decently designed and integrated LCars interface running Linux with awesome speech recognition and voice responses.
"Computer, status."

"Fetching updates. 1 minute remaining."

Hey, I've been dreaming of it since I was 10!

Haha, seriously though, I think it would be cool to have some verbal responses - I'd just choose the trek lady voice I learned to love watching ST:Voyager. It would go a long way to integrating the computer into the home rather than having it be "just another appliance" that someone opens for e-mail once in a while.

/end ramble.

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RE: Impressive
by 47ronin on Wed 9th Aug 2006 16:52 in reply to "Impressive"
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Already done.

Mac OS X has Speakable Items which has some preset commands AND it opens up a world of possibilities because the speech recognition engine can tie into the Terminal. For example if you wanted the uptime of your system you can speak a command which would launch an AppleScript that parses the value of the "uptime" command and make it phoenetically speakable by the Mac.

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