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Gentoo Techgage reviews Sabayon Linux, and conclcudes: "After taking an initial look at Sabayon, I have mixed feelings. Though, I feel more joy when using it than anything negative. One reason this distro may stand out above others is because it takes a difficult base distro, and opens its arms for new users who want to experiment. When it's all said and done, you will have a full functional Gentoo machine after the installation, topped off with a Sabayon coat of paint. What a great looking coat of paint it is."
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RE: Gentoo is great...
by twenex on Fri 11th Aug 2006 15:54 UTC in reply to "Gentoo is great..."
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The only detractors you'll find are the ones who:

a) Have never tried it and make assumptions based on what other people are bitching about.

b) Tried it, ran into a snag, and threw their hands in the air and quit.

Gentoo (or Linux in general for that matter) isn't for either of these personality types, IMO.

Indeed, and long may they be blessed with Windows, and we with their absence.

Once you get over the fear, there's really nothing that complicated about Gentoo.

Agreed again.

The biggest *benefit* is the learning experience. If you want to learn what makes Linux tick...and how things are put together, Gentoo is somewhat of a right-of-passage for people interested in Linux. The bonus of using Portage to compile your system/applications is; it's just faster. I've heard arguements on both sides but I've seen it w/ my own eyes - I've never had a distro that ran faster than Gentoo on *any* hardware for me...period.

Slackware's quite fast, iirc, but generally, you're right. Unfortunately, I sometimes wonder if the world s not mostly made up of people for whom the word "learn" (in connection with anything, not just computers) is held in lower contempt than the word "paedophile".

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