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Games Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express targetting the XBOX 360 will democratize game development by delivering the necessary tools to hobbyists, students, indie developers and studios alike to help them bring their creative game ideas to life while nurturing game development talent, collaboration and sharing that will benefit the entire industry.
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Who Cares?
by shotsman on Mon 14th Aug 2006 12:07 UTC
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I don't play console based computer games. I don't own a console of any sort.
The majority of Gamers I know don't care about developing games in the slightest. Many of them are software developers and have had enough of developing at the end of their (sometimes very long) work day to want to do this.
Being cynical, I see this as a way for Microsoft to claim in letter six feet high that they have more cames on thier console than exists for <insert console name here>.
It strikes me as a pretty desparate move my MS. I guess sales must be fagging badly. The annual licenses are another attempt to get the long term revenue stream up or at least get the XBOX division to get somewhere close to break even.

There again, I might be wrong. Sometimes you are but I have the feeling that XBOX == Edsel. Why, the gamers I know all bought an XBOX when it came out. About half have sold them at a considerable loss on EBAY since.

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RE: Who Cares?
by duckie on Mon 14th Aug 2006 12:56 in reply to "Who Cares?"
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Well then you dont know much about the modding-community.

Games like halflife were (and still are) popular because of games made by modders (counterstrike specifically). And the reason modding was popular for halflife, was because it was _easy_. The same for halflife 2. There is a reason more and more games release a SDK.

"With the Playstation 3 you can develop on the PS3 in any format you choose on IBM's open source Cell proccessor."

I am pretty sure its the same for xbox 360 games.
"You" as in everyone can only do it throug XNA..

If sony wanted to let anyone make games for the ps3, they would have to make a framework like MS did, they would not get access to the whole system.

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