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Multimedia, AV RealNetworks will release open-source software this year that will let Linux computers play Windows Media files legally. The media delivery software company and Novell made the announcement at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. Novell said it will include the tool in its Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 in the fourth quarter.
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How does this help Real?
by bolomkxxviii on Wed 16th Aug 2006 11:16 UTC
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What is Real getting out of this? Does this hurt MicroSoft in some way? Or does Real figure this is a way of getting it's software on more computers? If any of you have loaded their software on a Windows box recently you know they try to take over your entire computer (for audio/video). Will they try the same thing for linux? All I want is the codec.

In a perfect world everyone would use FLAC (home) and Ogg (portable), but I doubt anything will beat MP3 for the forseeable future. I just wish people would vote with their wallets and only buy products that follow some kind of standard. That is why I am boycotting Sony. The world doesn't need another audio format (minidisc), video format (beta), memory card format (memory stick), CD format (with rootkit), or exploding batteries (Dell).

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by g2devi on Wed 16th Aug 2006 13:51 in reply to "How does this help Real?"
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Granted MP3 prevents Ogg and FLAC from making inroads as the defacto DRM-free codec, but there are two bright sides:
* its patent will expire in only 4 years
* it is so popular that AAC and WMA aren't able to dominate the market.

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