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NetBSD Charles Hannum, co-founder of NetBSD posted to 3 major BSD lists saying that "The NetBSD Project has stagnated to the point of irrelevance. It has gotten to the point that being associated with the project is often more of a liability than an asset. I will attempt to explain how this happened, what the current state of affairs is, and what needs to be done to attempt to fix the situation."
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So if a pet GNU/Linux distro was dying, would all the GNU/Linux lovers say the same thing?

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I dont think anyone would be crying unless it was a major distrobution, say Redhat, Debian or Slack, one of the three that other distros are based off of, then yea, there would be a lot of crying. But the nice thing about Linux is that there are so many distros that you can find one for your particular need, and if your distro fails im sure somone somewhere will either pick up the pieces or create a similar project. The fact that this is a major BSD, makes it that much harder to swallow. But I think if there is enough out cry then why notstart a new project with the NetBSD at its code base and start to make the needed changes?

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Really there is no need, the project can just do it itself - no need to fork, no need to even quibble or argue. It could be done in minutes. The reset button awaits.

But no matter what happens, be it a reboot, a fork or the wholesale merger of anything worth merging into other projects, anything worth merging into other projects will be merged.

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