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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Ubuntu team has released the 2nd alpha release en route to Edgy Eft. "The primary changes from Knot 1 have been implementations of feature goals as listed on this page. Common to all variants, we have upgraded Xorg to the 7.1 release. In Ubuntu, GNOME has been updated to 2.16.0 Release Candidate 1. Other notable changes are listed on here. KDE has been updated to 3.5.4. Other notable Kubuntu changes are listed on here."
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RE: Awesome stuff
by Omega Penguin on Fri 1st Sep 2006 23:59 UTC in reply to "Awesome stuff"
Omega Penguin
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Microsoft has done more than that. Compare Breezy and Dapper, and then XP and Vista.

And I see that Edgy will make it easier to install things like graphics card drivers and MP3 support.

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RE[2]: Awesome stuff
by leech on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 04:26 in reply to "RE: Awesome stuff"
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Ok, so one has stated how much of an improvement 6 months can make and yet you compare XP and Vista which is 5 years. Ubuntu isn't even 5 years old, yet look at the massive improvement from Warty Warthog to Dapper Drake and tell me that the comparison doesn't still stand of the original poster.

For the record, Ubuntu, when a new feature is thought of, has always either tried to make it happen in the upcoming release, or they put it into the release after.

While I think a 6 month release cycle is great (mainly because I'm a Gnome fan and it's synchronized with that), I think it does lend to a less stable system. What I would really like to see is a Debian base, that stays relatively the same on the core side, but has applications and the desktop be upgraded every 6 months when a new Gnome version comes out. This would help stability quite a bit, though of course new kernels area always nice when they add more hardware support.

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