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Windows Paul Thurrott has posted the first two parts of his review of Windows Vista build 5600 (RC1) along with a list of five of his favorite features. Update: Vista has a long way to go to be finished, blogger says. RC1 is good, but it's not perfect, and NeoSmart lists the reasons. Plus, it still can't synchronize with mobile devices, even though it's supposed to be code-complete.
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RE: why why why ?
by tiiim on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 21:22 UTC in reply to "why why why ?"
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What do you want another "this is the year of desktop linux article?" (again) or "how apple may gain another 0.1% market share with OS 10.whatever" article? it so easy to whine about that OS you don't like yet we can easily say the same about all the other OSes articles.

To clariffiy this is OS news: which funny enough brings news about OSes. Vista is an up an coming OS that has just reached RC1 stage, Paul Thurrott, despite his MS fanboyism at least does a comphesive review of the system even if is bias to certain points, but hey, arnt we all bias to our fav OSes?
Im not having ago but please can we all stop this having ago at everything MS does because they are the biggest software company in the world. Maybe in 20 years time if Ubuntu Linux or OS 11.5 was number one we will have "not another ubuntu/apple article!!!" postings instead. Lets all stop our fanboyism and observe the news...

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RE[2]: why why why ?
by raver31 on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 21:26 in reply to "RE: why why why ?"
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that is not what I said, or meant,

Thurrott reviews are all multi parters...

first parts are the product is shit, full of bugs...
later the product is the best ever, no problems whatsoever

his reviews always use this fashion
it does not matter what system he is reviewing, it just happens to be Windows.

I like to keep up with news about all OS's, but you are correct, the fanboys need slapped, and Thurrott should be first in the line.

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RE[2]: why why why ?
by nicolasb on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 21:50 in reply to "RE: why why why ?"
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Man, i'm as bored as you are when there's an article about the "the stars are right, cthulhu said it, it's the Year for the Linux Desktop that's coming!" (and i'm a linux user), i'm as bored when someone brings up another stupid article about Apple "OSX 10.x will be the next big thing since we did rocket science and they will thrash Microsoft".

But, i'm also bored by Thurrott who's just a marketing dro´d of Microsoft. This dude does nothing but stating the obvious.

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RE[2]: why why why ?
by kaiwai on Mon 4th Sep 2006 07:04 in reply to "RE: why why why ?"
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I just actually read his review jus then, and I wouldn't called it 'fanboyish' to say the least; he was quite cynical about the progress and Rc1, and he seems to be cautious before saying anything that could be conscrewed as being as being overly optimistic.

Even has a MacOS X user, even I have some optimism about Windows Vista; Office 2007, WIndows Vista Ultimate and various other Microsoft applications in development; I'm quite excited about the future given the path that has been laid in Windows Vista.

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