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SGI and IRIX German technology website reports that SGI will completely abandon its MIPS processor architecture, including its operating system Irix, in favour of Linux-powered Itanium workstations. SGI used MIPS and Irix in its products for almost 20 years, and with this switch to Intel, yet another major (historically speaking, that is) company abandons its architecture for the more common Intel one.
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It is not a well known fact that SCO owns SVR4. 95% of the royalties still go to Novell, Novell can over-rule any changes SCO wishes to make to licensing terms and the APA explicitly excluded all copyrights and patents from the transfer. Hell, SCO still needs Novell's permission to even sign up new licensees, which is the basis of Novell's counterclaims against SCO. According to the text of the APA, Novell can direct SCO to make any changes to license agreements that Novell wants to, without getting any permission from SCO, and take these actions on their own if SCO doesn't listen.

Judge Kimball said it is unclear if SCO got ownership of any "Intellectual Property" whatsoever in the APA. The fact that it is unclear to a judge means that it is not a "well known fact" that SCO owns SysV. At best, it means it is uncertain. At worst, it means SCO are liars.

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OK, so the ownership of UNIX is disputed between SCO and Novell. However, that is a different issue from the one the original post was addressing.

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