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KDE "Many KDE users tend to take the Konqueror Web browser for granted, but that's a mistake. Konqueror may not be able to replace Firefox as a Web browser for every site, but it does a lot more than just simple browsing."
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RE: konq forever
by Narishma on Wed 6th Sep 2006 21:04 UTC in reply to "konq forever"
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miro: Have you tried installing kaffeine or kmplayer and enabling the integration with konqueror ?

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RE[2]: konq forever
by lengau on Wed 6th Sep 2006 21:31 in reply to "RE: konq forever"
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Kaffeine has a Konqueror plugin? Where is it? KMplayer works well as a Konq plugin, and I really like it, but I just prefer Kaffeine.

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RE[3]: konq forever
by Terracotta on Wed 6th Sep 2006 22:24 in reply to "RE[2]: konq forever"
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It has a plugin it's called:

I don't understand what's the problem with mozilla-mplayer-plugin? or something like that, it should work in konq as well since it can use FF plugins. The kaffeine-mozilla plugin is embedded in the browser when used with konqueror, it opens kaffeine separately when used with FF. The only thing I dislike about the kaffeine-mozilla plugin is that you don't have any options (like volume tuning), which kmplayer has when embedded. But it works fairly well.

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