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Windows "On Sept. 1, Microsoft began rolling out Vista RC1, raising hopes that all of the major issues have been resolved in the months since the beta two version. And it appears those hopes have been largely fulfilled. Here's a look at the top five improvements that RC1 brings since the beta releases of Vista."
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RE[3]: vista jokes
by naelurec on Sat 9th Sep 2006 15:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: vista jokes"
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Windows comes with a firewall that is switched on by default.

It is a software firewall. I am talking hardware firewall. Standardized software firewalls run under Windows's security model (everyones an admin!!) is quite easy to disable.

Oh, and Windows updates don't actually need managing. They show up, they install. No biggie, even for Mrs Blah.

Everytime I check Secunia, it rates Windows XP Home (what Mrs. Blah would be running) as Highly critical and showing a high percentage of unpatched security vulnerabilities. Apparently those updates DON'T show up. Sites like eWeek confirm this. Compare this to Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or FreeBSD -- no unpatched security vulnerabilities.

software for available just didn't match up to what I could get under Windows

I agree. Windows has more applications. Fortunately there are solutions (VMWare,CrossOver Office,Wine) to run those legacy apps on Linux. Why compromise your entire system (according to Secunia) when you could run a more secure OS for *most* of your tasks and have a virtual machine for your legacy apps.

Perhaps that is why Linux hasn't managed to gain any significant desktop share

Actually it seems to be getting quite a lot of market share .. granted, I am talking % growth which is still quite small relative to market share percentage but it IS growing. We are talking about hundreds of millions of computers and large investments of time and money into the Windows platform to overcome.

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RE[4]: vista jokes
by NotParker on Sun 10th Sep 2006 01:14 in reply to "RE[3]: vista jokes"
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" Compare this to Ubuntu Linux, Fedora or FreeBSD -- no unpatched security vulnerabilities."

You are right. But man, 101 for Ubuntu 5.10 in 2006 alone!

Ubuntu users must spend all their time patching security holes!

How do you get any work done?

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