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Internet & Networking Network File System has been part of the world of free operating systems and proprietary UNIX flavors since the mid-1980s. But not all administrators know how it works or why there have been new releases. It is important to know about NFS simply because the system is vital for seamless access across UNIX networks. Learn how the latest release of NFS, NFSv4, has addressed many criticisms, particularly with regard to security problems, that became apparent in versions 2 and 3.
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FreeBSD support?
by Hetfield on Thu 14th Sep 2006 17:09 UTC
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From the article:

In fact, it took a long time before Linux fully supported NSFv3. When NSFv4 came along, this lack was addressed quickly, and it wasn't just Solaris, AIX, and FreeBSD that enjoyed full NSFv4 support.

I know there's client support for NFS4 on FreeBSD, but I'm not aware that the server supports v4. But I haven't been following recent discussions and development progress, so I may be wrong. Does anyone have any details?

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RE: FreeBSD support?
by ctl_alt_del on Thu 14th Sep 2006 17:55 in reply to "FreeBSD support?"
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Doesn't look like it's "officially" in FreeBSD yet...

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RE: FreeBSD support?
by lopisaur on Thu 14th Sep 2006 18:07 in reply to "FreeBSD support?"
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There was some talk about getting a v4 server into 7.x, but I think nothing ever got done. The client does in fact support v4.
Now if Microsoft would at least provide a workable NFS client, life would be a lot easier for a lot of people, since their SFU stuff is really, really bad.

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RE: FreeBSD support?
by sean on Thu 14th Sep 2006 18:23 in reply to "FreeBSD support?"
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The NFSv4 server for BSD's can be found here:

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